Tips For Travelling with your Sales Manager

Have you just secured a new position as a sales representative? Congratulations to you! Chances are you’ll be required to ride with your sales manager for several weeks to undergo training and be introduced to your client base. Look at this as an opportunity to get to know your sales manager and learn from their experience. Follow these recommendations from the sales professionals for making the most out of your experience riding with your sales manager.

If your account base is local, chances are you’ll be driving your car during the training period. Ensure that your car is in top working condition. The last thing you need is a breakdown on the way to an appointment with a client. Have the car serviced and tires checked. Invest in an interior and exterior detail job. This will make the riding experience much more positive for both you and your sales manager.

Organize your wardrobe for the week. Take advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and invest in the quality shirts offered by CTShirts. Dressing for success sends a clear signal of respect to yourself, your manager as well as your clients. Polish your shoes, loose the bling and ramp up your grooming routine to embark on a week of learning, growing and putting your best foot forward.

Know your market, client base and product line. Spend extra time prior to the week of traveling with your manager to get to know the company and product you’re representing. If you’ve been given materials by your sales manager in advance, master these. When you’re called upon during a client appointment for product or delivery clarifications, it’s important that you’re able to answer to the best of your abilities.

Finally, input the addresses of the accounts you’ll be visiting into a mapping App well before the first day of travel. Advance planning will put you at ease and show your manager that you’re determined to take the small steps necessary to succeed. Good luck with your new position as a sales representative.