Cars that people mostly buy


When you have decided to buy a car, you are faced with choices. So many choices about cars are available to buyers. You can buy a sports car or a simple family car. It all depends on your choice and your financial situation. If you have only a little money, then you can go for cheaper cars. You can also buy cars that are used. Used cars are less costly and are also available in great condition. The companies that sell these used cars keep these cars in excellent condition. Many people who cannot afford to buy a brand new car can buy a used car. For example, someone who likes a GMC car or a Mercedes, but cannot afford to buy a new one can buy a used Mercedes or GMC car. Continue reading

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Watch This Crazy Crash Compilation


This is what happens after you leave the theater having watched fast and the furious thinking that you don’t need to heed the warning. But this is a prime example of IDIOCY that certain people don’t need to learn to drive, as a matter of fact, it’d be better for them never to know what car keys are.

Has VW solved the electric car debate?


Has VW solved the electric car debate? Most people tell you they avoid all-electric cars because of price, overall range, and long charge times. Volkswagen says they have a new car coming out in 2018 that’s 100% electric. It will cost less than a gas-powered model, have a 300 mile range, and will charge in 15 minutes. Keep in mind that this company lied about its latest diesel engines, so caveat emptor.

Some nice classic cars I checked out around Kamloops


Some nice classic cars I checked out around Kamloops and the sights on the way down to the U.S border a few days back. And a unique (😳) truck we spied in traffic in Seattle.

Tnx Mike Brockhoff for great photo!

This collage makes me misty eyed


I’m an emotional guy, and this collage makes me misty eyed. I saw my first P1 on the road in March 2014 in Geneva. That same evening, I saw the full red LaFerrari, which was much more exciting for me. That summer in Paris, I saw my first 918 Spyder on the road as well! I’m sure a lot of you also have fond memories of your first time spotting of the holy trinity of hypercars, do share in the comments 😊