How to give your new Land Rover that showroom finish: Car cleaning tips

Chances are if you have invested in a new land rover you will get it quite dirty. If you need to smarten it up for a special occasion it can often be difficult getting that showroom finish, but there are a few simple ways in which you can get it looking its best.

Firstly consider when you are washing your vehicle. Most people like doing it mid afternoon on a sunny day. However drying water can leave visible smudges in these circumstances so it is preferable to wait until the evening.

You should start by rinsing the car, preferably with a powerful hose. It is important to spray off all the grit which is stuck to the bodywork before you get your sponge out and start wiping. If you start wiping immediately it will simply drag dirt around on the surface, risking cosmetic damage. While you are waiting for the remaining water to loosen any extra dirt you can clean the interior. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the dashboard and console before vacuuming the footwells, mats and any surfaces made of fabric. You can polish wood or veneer surfaces but do not polish the pedals as you need the grip to operate them. Polishing the dash is also dangerous as it can create glare by reflecting sunlight.

Next take a sponge to the exterior, gently wiping in circles to remove any remaining dirt. Work methodically covering one panel at a time. Begin the pre-wash with a soft sponge or cloth by wiping in a brand of car shampoo which does not bubble or foam. Avoid shampoos with added polish as this effectively locks in dirt on the surface at this point. This should be immediately followed by the main wash with a harder sponge or cleaning pad before rinsing off with clean water.

When cleaning glass while the water is drying do not use a cleaner meant for house windows. Opt for an automotive glass cleaner and apply using a hessian cloth. The following polish should be done in two coats and you should use two cloths – one to apply and another one to buff. Steer clear of electric buffers as these can be too harsh. Above all you must be patient and your new land rover will be as spotless as it was in the showroom.