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Muscle Cars

AMC’s cut-down Javelin was an oddball, but it was the company’s best player in the muscle car era The AMC AMX of 1968 was a unique proposition. It was the only two-seater American sports car of the time.  Federal Workers Compensation Doctor in Houston

The AMC AMX Essentially a Cut Down Version of the Javelin Car:

Essentially a cut-down version of AMC’s Javelin the AMX (American Motors experimental), was a foot shorter than its sibling. Its proportions were rather odd, but the AMX was significantly lighter than the Javelin.

Provided With a Powerful 315 horsepower 390 Cubic Inch Motor:

And with the top-flight 315bhp 390 cubic inch V8 installed, the AMX was a lively performer. Zero to sixty came in just 6.9 seconds and the quarter-mile in 15 seconds. There was a four-speed manual tranny, toughened suspension and bucket seats for the two occupants. A 290 and 343 V8 were lesser options.

No Less Than 106 Speed Records:

Land speed racing legend Craig Breedlove set no less than 106 speed records with an AMX in February 1968 and, to celebrate, a special run of 50 Craig Breedlove editions were built. Finished in patriotic red, white and blue, few survive today.

Minor Cosmetic Auto Changes for 1969 Model Year:

A few minor cosmetic changes were made for 1969 but the year is best remembered for the Big Bad AMX, available in bold orange, green and blue color schemes with matching bumpers.

Option Packages Offered Over Years & Models:

Also offered was a Go pack to include power disc brakes, up-rated suspension for improved handling and redline tires.    A very limited run of SS cars designed for the drag strips were also produced. Modifications to the 390 cubic inch V8 engine resulted in a claimed power output of 340bhp, but as was frequently the case in the muscle car era, this was a very conservative estimate. The SS package almost doubled the AMX’s sticker price, so it’s unsurprising that only around 50 were sold.        1970 saw the last of the real two-seater AMX models. Little was changed, but a ram air induction scoop was added to make the hood more aggressive. In 1971 the AMC AMX ceased to be a model in its own right and was the name for the top model Javelin. Under the curiously-bulbous hood was a choice of two 360 cubic inch V8s with 245 or 290bhp. More power came with the Go package which slotted a 401 330bhp V8 under the hood and upgraded the wheels, tires and brakes as part of the deal.

All Good Things Must Come to Their End – Even 1960 Era Muscle Cars:

1972 would be the last year for the AMX as a muscle car. The Go package was still available but the entry-level engine had been reduced to a 304 cubic inch unit with a paltry 150bhp. The AMX continued to be sold until 1974, but its days as a muscle car were long finished. The AMX of 1968 was a unique proposition. It was the only two-seater American sportscar of the time.

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