What Should You Do With an Old Car That Needs a Lot of Repairs?

Women tyr to repair a used car.

If you have an old car that is not in good running condition, you probably are wondering what you should do with it. There are several options open to you. The following is a quick overview.

Fix it up and keep it

This may not be a great idea because the cost of getting an old clunker back to driving condition can be expensive. You need to get an estimate for the repairs needed to do this, and then compare that to the market value of the car. The chances are it won’t be worth repairing.

Fix it up and sell it

Of course, you may want to put enough money into the car that you can sell it for its market value. It is possible that this would be worth it, if you can keep the repair cost down. Of course, you can sell it to a car dealer or perhaps use it as a down payment. Car dealers will often give you a good deal on the value of the car if you are using it towards the purchase of a new car. This assumes that you can drive the car to the dealership. Your car will have to be running. However, there is another option.

Sell your junk car for cash

There are companies that will buy your car, whether it is running or not. They will come to your home and tow it away free of charge. You will need your title to the car and photo ID such as a driver’s license. They will give you a check on the spot. You can call a Cash for Cars MD company and get a quote over the phone. There is no obligation. They will make you can offer, and you may be surprised at what you get.

The amount you can get for a junk car is largely dependent upon the value of the parts of the car. Most of these companies buy on behalf of auto junkyards, and they make most of their profit from selling parts.