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Top Classic Mercedes Cars

When we talk about some of the best cars in the world we cannot forget Mercedes which is a brand of DMG (Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft) which began making some top quality cars in the 1900. However, today time has changed and Mercedes is among the top names in the field of automobiles. However, there are people who still love the earlier versions of Mercedes and they love to collect top classic Mercedes cars. Here we take a quick look at some of the best classic Mercedes cars that still remain in the list because of their performance and style factor.

1. 1937 Mercedes Benz W125

1937 Mercedes Benz W125

There are many cars that might have style factor, but W125 was one of the earliest Grand Prix cars which Mercedes decided to launch in 1937. This car was definitely for those who enjoyed speed and performance and the car remained as the most powerful race car for more than 30 years. The car had supercharged 8 cylinders engine which could produce 595 horsepower with top speed of 268 mph which was definitely way ahead of the rest at that time. It still remains one of the most sought after cars in the Mercedes Benz range.

2. 1953 Mercedes Benz W120

This Mercedes car might not be among the best looking cars under the Mercedes umbrella but it is definitely worth buying because it was one of the first cars that had small design made for consumers who wanted smaller cars with superior performance. The cars were sold under 180 model name and was under C Class era but eventually Mercedes decided to build an E class version of W120 which also became popular in the European market.

3. 1954 Mercedes W196

Mercedes has been in to making of some of the top sports cars and they have been making many for Formula One. In 1954 they came up with W196 which won 9 out of 12 races and till date that car has been among the best classic Mercedes cars. The W196 has the first desmodromic valves and fuel injection engine that was created by Mercedes engineers. This car gained popularity during the World War 2 era and known for its aerodynamic aluminum body.

4. 1954 Mercedes Benz 300SL

In 1954, Mercedes came up with their two door sports car known as 300SL and it soon became the most talked about car. It has distinctive gull-wing doors which were very impressive. It soon became the most popular car in production and heavy demand for this car made it into the top classic Mercedes cars.  Many car critics called it as the sports car for the road.

5. 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL

After the success of 300SL, Mercedes decided to have something similar on the same lines but for those who cannot afford the expensive 300SL. This is why 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL was made and it was a two door grand touring convertible for the people who wanted to drive more rather than race their cars. The speed was cut down and more emphasis was given on safety and comfort. It did resemble with 300SL in styling, engineering, and detailing but it had a different frame which was smaller and hard than 300SL.

6. 1966 Mercedes Benz W110

With the change of time, Mercedes decided to focus on what the consumers really wanted and therefore they launched W110 which is an estate car and it soon became the most popular of that time. This was one of the first cars under the Mercedes brand which went through number of crash tests to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. The safety features of the car made it popular in UK, Belgium and Germany.

7. 1968 Mercedes Benz W114

This was the time when sedans were becoming popular and Mercedes decide to roll out their new sedans during this period. The W114 was among the first for Mercedes Benz S Class and it created a lot of wave in the market when these cars were launched. There were three different models available for W114 but all had similar four cylinder engines. These cars were also known as New Generation Mercedes cars and therefore it still remains among the top classic Mercedes cars.

8. 1979 460 G-Wagen

While other car manufacturers were busy making regular cars, Mercedes decided to twist the competition with 1979 460 G-Wagen which gave birth to G-Class cars. This car was originally meant for military use, but then Mercedes decided to roll out the civilian model in 1979. It became popular with those people who love to drive off road and prefer military style cars. Although, none of the G Class models were sold in the US, buyers bought it through grey market. It is still considered to be a tough civilian car that can give out solid performance on and off road.

9. 1979 Mercedes W123

This was the first Mercedes with turbo diesel production and it soon became popular because consumers were looking for something that can help them buy better cars at low price. This car had a good performance record and to top it all it had automatic transmission. The car was also available in saloon and coupe body styles and therefore consumers had a good option on their hand and they decided to buy this car which had a perfect combination of style and performance.

10. 1979 Mercedes W126

Mercedes was always making what the consumers were looking for and therefore they kept making better sedans that were economical and fuel efficient. The W126 is just an example of what Mercedes were trying to achieve at that time. It is officially the best S Class car that has aerodynamic body and fuel efficient engine. It is spacious from inside and it is the first car that had airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and traction control. It is also the longest running S Class car and therefore it is rated among the top classic Mercedes cars that you should buy if you love collecting classic cars.