Top 10 Classic Cars Of All Time

Top 10 Classic Cars Of All Time

Stylish body work, amazing speed and innovative technology are quite common attributes found in most of the recently launched cars, but there is something really special and unique about classic cars, which get the sector extra votes. A sense of richness, posh appearance, robust features, and exotic styling makes these cars a worthwhile investment. Whether you are a classic car fan or looking forward to making a solid investment, considering about purchasing classic cars is unquestionably a wise decision.

Here is a list of top ten classic cars to widen your knowledge and assist you in choosing the right one –

Ford Model T 1927


The original model of Ford was primarily produced in the year 1907, but it literally struggled with various up-gradations until 1927, when it was launched as Model T. This was the first ever luxury car and amazingly met the standards of classic vintage cars. It must be mentioned that the car was awarded with the title “Car of the year” in 1999, and till date, it is one of the most sought cars.

Chevrolet Corvette 1953

Chevrolet Corvette was the first ever two seater convertible sports car unveiled in the year 1953 by General Motors. With the perfect combination of affordability and raw power, the company had rolled out 300 cars featuring white exteriors, red interiors and black canvas roof top, out of which 200 models are still known to exist. You will be pleased to know that each model was hand built and came with 6 cylinder engine and automatic two speed gearbox.

Bentley Continental R 1952

Launched in the year 1952, Bentley Continental R debuted in the Motor Show at London as a luxury car. For those individuals who could afford the vehicle with its expensive price tag, Bentley Continental R was a must possession. Features such as 4.5 liter engine, leaf spring and independent suspension made the drive smooth and luxurious.

Jaguar E type

Jaguar E type literally made everyone go heads over heels when it was launched in the year 1961. Though it has been several decades since the launch, the vehicle is still regarded as an icon. The long flowing body, smooth upper curves, and sophisticated headlamps, are few features of E type, which are till date hard to beat.

1952 Chrysler D Elegance

Featuring exotic looks and amazing performance, this car is simply beyond the term “excellent”. Engineering division of the company was behind the exotic styling of the vehicle; whereas a custom builder from Turin had hand crafted the metal body with the help of plastic models and drawings.

Chrysler ThunderBolt 1941

Chrysler Thunder Bolt is unquestionably one of the most unique cars, as only 6 models of the car were manufactured in the year 1941. All the models featured distinct color schemes and trims. The most exclusive feature of the car which separates it from the crowd is its push button feature. Simply pressing a button opened up the windows, doors and the deck lid without any deliberate effort. You will be pleased that 4 models out of the 6 are still known to exist.

Corvette Sting Ray 1969

This car is actually the true definition of a classic stylish car. Though we are several decades ahead of time, the vehicle still rules over hearts of many. Various features such as big block engine, disc brakes, split suspension, innovative style split rear window and exhaust pipe at the side contribute massively in making the car as one of the best classic cars of the era.

1954 Pontiac Bonnevilla special

Unveiled at the General Motors Monorama in the year 1954, the two seater sports car simply gathered a lot of votes at its launching. The famous designer – Harley J Earl had designed the car, whereas Paul Gilland and Hommer LaGassey had hand built the vehicle. Sunken headlights covered with glass, twin louver rows on the fenders, and two dashing silver streaks on the hood, were the most significant features of the vehicle.

Porsche 911 1964

Needless to be mentioned but Porsche was and is considered to be one of the best auto brands. This model is a bigger and better form of Porsche 365. The company claimed this model as a 4 seater car, but it could comfortably accommodate only two adults, and was used in this manner only. It must be mentioned that till date, this car is one of the most sought cars among the classic car lovers.

Camaro SS 1969

Camaro SS was launched by the Chevrolet Company in the year 1969. The vehicle was given a sporty appearance along with aggressive looks. A new metal sheet body, completely redesigned grill, deep set headlights and various significant design changes made the car quite popular and flooded the company with orders.