The Problems That Can Surface After a Car Accident Occurs

The Problems That Can Surface After a Car Accident Occurs


No want can tell you that being in a car accident is fun. Besides the unsettling motion from moving around in unexpected ways, you will experience the sudden and jarring end of your wild ride as your car stops shifting. Most often, everyone can exit the vehicles with few problems, although most of the time, the automobiles or trucks have hundreds of dollars in damage. Here are a few of the many problems that can surface after a car accident occurs.

1. Hidden Injuries

Days after the collision, you may begin to have symptoms of back or neck problems after a car wreck. Sometimes these pains grow worse as the day goes on, until the aches and agonizing pain makes it impossible to move or sleep. The most common of these hidden injuries are called whiplash and soft tissue damages. Without intervention from a medical or chiropractic specialist, the pain will only continue to grow.

2. Car Repairs

From hitting hard to a minor tap, the resulting damage to your vehicle can be total destruction or a few hundred dollars in bumper repair. There is one type of damage that can stay hidden for months, that is the windshield. You could go over a bump three weeks after the accident, and the glass could suddenly spider or fragment into a hundred pieces. When that happens, contact your insurance, your attorney, and a windshield replacement Burlington VT company.

3. Intense Fatigue

If you wake at night after a car accident with memories of nightmares that send your body shaking, or if you experience unexplained intense fatigue most days after the collision, you could be experiencing PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a real phenomenon that can alter your life if left untreated.

If you experience an automobile accident, look for the hidden problems that can surface after the collision. Should any of the symptoms above appear, make sure you seek treatment.