Ford Figo Concept Sedan – on the upcoming car

he Figo, first unveiled in 2009 has been a strategic car for Ford in the country and it was a pretty successful car. The US automaker has now another new sedan, based on the popular Figo hatchback. Unveiled as the Figo Concept at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo, the new sedan is christened the ‘Aspire’. Ford Aspire will be a sub four metre compact sedan offering superior performance, decent fuel efficiency and smart, first-in-class features. It will be officially launched soon and should be on the roads by the end of the year.

Ford Figo Concept Sedan

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Top 5 Affordable Classic Cars

Photo by Martien@Arnhem

Photo by Martien@Arnhem

We’ve heard it time and again – “Classic cars are just so expensive to buy and to maintain!” Many people consider them overpriced, not worth it – call it what you may, but you would be surprised to know that there are many affordable classic cars out there in the market. Yes, the economy is changing, so if you are a collector of classic cars or if you just like them – now is the time for you to skim through the online auctions and the classified sections in the newspapers to find some of your choice. This article too will give you some valuable information, in case you want to buy a classic car that’s not just affordable, but also easy to maintain.

Firstly, let’s define affordable classic cars – they should cost 10,000 dollars or less – they should be easy to maintain. You need a car that not only looks swanky, but also fits into your budget. The next time you see a Rolls Royce or a Pierce Arrow, you needn’t feel jealous and think, “When will I get one of those?” Like we said, if your hobby is classic car collecting, or if you simply want to pick up a classic car for no reason at all – this is the time to do so.

You would be pleased to know that there are many affordable classics out there – don’t go by the rarity restriction, instead, we suggest you look at the volume produced cars, those with unique features. We list the top 5 affordable classic cars for your benefit:

1. De Tomaso Pantera Road Racer – this car has a high 822 BHP and a 220 MPH, it’s highly powers, and a great investment to make. The speed is wonderful, and it’s a racing car as well. The acceleration is decent.

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Top 10 Classic Cars Of All Time

Top 10 Classic Cars Of All Time

Stylish body work, amazing speed and innovative technology are quite common attributes found in most of the recently launched cars, but there is something really special and unique about classic cars, which get the sector extra votes. A sense of richness, posh appearance, robust features, and exotic styling makes these cars a worthwhile investment. Whether you are a classic car fan or looking forward to making a solid investment, considering about purchasing classic cars is unquestionably a wise decision.

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