Six Decades of Customizing Automobiles


When automobiles were first created, the idea of a custom car was not something that a person ever thought about. Automobiles were a new form of technology. Just having an automobile was such a novel concept and so few people had an automobile that there was no need to customize them to make them different or to stand out from the pack.

However, over time, automobiles evolved in the way that they were designed and the way that they were viewed by the public at large. It was not until the 1950’s that the term ‘custom car’ became a popular part of the English vernacular. This does not mean that prior to the 1950’s there were no custom cars. It is likely that some individuals did take it upon themselves to make changes to their vehicles to make them stand out or to make them unique. However, it was not until the 1950’s that people started to use the phrase and the idea of customizing a vehicle really caught on.

By definition, a custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been modified with the purpose of increasing its performance. Alterations are done to things like the engine and the transmission. These changes give the car a very unique appearance. It makes it unlike the factory model vehicles that are made. Custom cars reflect the mindset and the personality of the owner of the vehicle. There are many companies online that offer custom car enthusiasts the parts they need to customize their vehicle. For example, MKM Customs, along with a whole host of other companies, provide products that can be ordered for Dodge, Chevy, Ford, as well as a wide range of foreign and domestic vehicles. These aftermarket passenger vehicle and aftermarket truck parts allow owners to give their vehicles a flair that is truly unique.

Something that has been truly unique in the world of custom automobiles is the Hot Rod. Hot rods and Hot Rodders customize their vehicles not only to make them run fast, but also to give them a unique and eye-catching exterior with vibrant pink designs, modified fenders, and relocated running boards. Additional changes are made to the interiors to make them roomy and to give them a unique feeling.

Automobile customization has more than six decades of history behind it. It is likely that it will continue to be an important part of the automobile industry as long as automobiles are being produced.