I need advice from someone who knows.


I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier extended cab pickup truck. It has a 4 cylinder in it, so it’s a small truck. Just needing to know how much air PSI it’s going to take to be able to bounce my truck a foot or so off the ground. I heard I would need at least 200 PSI. Need advice on what bags to buy and any other equipment that I’m going to need to make my truck bounce. Any help is very appreciated, thanks in advance!


4 thoughts on “I need advice from someone who knows.

  1. Wesley Watson

    Get the valve as close to the bag as you can. The more important thing about hopping with air is proper bags and reserve air capacity.

  2. Esley R.

    Don’t just put standard ol’ bags on there. It’ll work for a while but, not for long. The bags I had have a 1/4 polished ring at the center to hold the bag together under extreme use. And they were dual 3/4 ports. I had a set where I was gonna run dual lift, single dumps, with 15 gallons of reserve off high pressure nitrogen tanks regulated to 300psi. Should’ve been able to pull 30+ inches off of one lift. Shop got broke into and all my tools stolen, so never got to finish the truck. Had to sell parts to buy new tools.

  3. Wesley Watson

    It’s my wife’s car now. In process of doing pd150 5sp auto swap. What a pain in the D! I’d rather bag 16 cars and trucks than do this again. PITA!

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