How to Pick a Quality Used Car

Brand-new cars are certainly attractive, but they have an exorbitant price attached to them. A better deal is often struck when you opt for a used vehicle. These cars can be fresh off of a lease, which makes them only about three years old. If you’re concerned about choosing the right used car, follow these guidelines to avoid any frustrations.

Do the Research

Used vehicles have a history that you can find with a quick online search. Verify the make, model and vehicle identification number with the dealer. The online history tells you if the car has been in an accident or altered in any way.

Listen During the Test Drive

Take the test drive seriously by listening to the car. Pay attention to the ignition process, braking and accelerating down the road. Any unusual sounds will usually appear at this time. Avoid cars with strange noises.

Take the Car to a Mechanic

Ask the dealership about taking the car to a third-party mechanic, such as a Subaru repair in Denver. These professionals can look over the car for a nominal fee. They’ll tell you right away if the vehicle is worth it. There’s no reason why they should be coy about their opinions either. They don’t have a stake in the sale at all.

Avoid Pressure Tactics

Consider the environment as you negotiate on a final price. There will be some pressure, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. If the dealer seems to be pushing too hard for the sale under their terms, walk away from the deal. The price and terms should be acceptable on your end. Don’t allow anyone to push you into a sale that you’re not comfortable with as a consumer.

Remember that most states don’t have a cooling-off period where consumers take a car back after a few days of ownership. Make a sound decision the first time by thinking of the purchase from a rational perspective. There are thousands of other vehicles to choose from if this model doesn’t work out for you.