Austin Seven Chummy

1928 Austin Seven Chummy

Successful launch

Amongst the Austin Seven models, Austin Seven ‘Chummy’ was a car that evoked immense demand in the automobile markets. This car came in the year 1924 and instantly became a popular family car. It was seen moving on the streets of big cities and small towns alike. The comfortable seating and efficient tyre shape made it a much preferred car as it could be easily manoeuvred even on dirt tracks and ploughed fields.

Smooth sail

The Austin Seven “Chummy” gave good competition to the other cars even in races as it had a high speed capacity and could move well on rocky and unpaved roads.  This vehicle was a family friendly car and had the capacity to seat four people quite comfortably. The chummy was also considered to be a perfect replacement for other more expensive models.

Comfortable seating arrangement

The Austin Seven “Chummy” proved to be a car that was widely and popularly demanded by the masses and the classes. This car was more in demand as it could accommodate larger number of people than the other cars of its time could possibly do.

Powerful engine

The Austin Seven range “chummy” had a four cylinder engine and the coolant medium was water. This made a good option for home mechanics and these cars did not require expert help in repairing minor glitches. The gear system was manual with three gears and a speed sliding gear option. The chummy provided with shaft drive option and featured four wheel brakes.

High horsepower rating

The Austin seven series had a high horsepower rating in general and that was one of the reasons for its roaring success in Europe and the rest of the world.  The car had four wire wheels, which were perfect for manoeuvring on country as well as city roads. The chummy had cowl mounted head lamps. It has an L head four cylinder engine that gave a power of 747cc and gave the speed of 12 BHP. The wheel base was as thin as 81 inches, which helped in improving manoeuvring capacity.

High on vintage value and low on mass value

All the models of the Austin Seven range have a high vintage value and hence they could possibly fetch a high amount as classic cars. Austin Seven “Chummy” stands a class apart as it was launched as a true family car and was economical when compared to other models of its own time. The Chummy gave tough competition to the other cars because of its cheap price and its features to cater to the necessities of the common mass. This was a car that everyone could relate to. The Austin Seven “Chummy” ruined the belief that car was made only for the fortune-struck people. This car distinctly illustrated that a car was now more of necessity than luxury.

Availability of parts was wiped off

Apart from an easily available car, the parts of the Austin Seven “Chummy” were also easily available in the marker and not difficult to replace. The common people found this feature attractive and economical, which increased the demand of the car with time.

To sum up

The people of the war stricken twenties needed a respite from rising prices and the Austin Seven “chummy” came as a welcome change.

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