4 Tips to save you Money on your Car Insurance


No matter what your financial situation, everyone is looking to save money, even on their car insurance. Unfortunately, a lot of people pay too much for insurance but don’t know how to get the best rates. Far too often, consumers incorrectly assume that if they go with the cheapest price, they are getting the best deal. This just isn’t the case since the cheapest quote is generally linked to a skimpy policy that won’t properly cover you if you are in an accident. Following the 4 tips below will help you save on your auto insurance while still maintaining a policy that works for your needs.

Tip #1: Get Multiple Quotes
One of the first step in ensuring you’re getting the most bang for your buck is to get multiple California car insurance quotes. This can be done fairly easily by visiting the website of the auto insurance company and filling out a simple form to get a quote in a matter of minutes. Remember, when reviewing the quotes, make sure to look at more than the price. You should compare every detail, including comprehensive and collision coverage and limits. Doing this will help ensure you make the right choice while saving money and not skimping on coverage.

Tip #2: Check your Credit
Most consumers don’t know that their credit report can actually effect your insurance rate. A higher credit score will have a positive effect on your rate while a low score will result in a higher insurance rate. That is why you should keep an eye on your credit report.

Tip #3: Keep Insurance
Too many people assume that, in order to save money, they should just not have insurance on their vehicles. This is beyond a bad idea. Not only are leaving yourself up to expensive bills if you are in an accident, but not maintaining coverage on your vehicle is illegal in most states. Driving without insurance in most states will lead to a heavy fine or ticket and you could even have you license revoked.

Tip #4: Drive a Vehicle that is Low Risk
The make and model of your vehicle has an impact on your auto insurance rate. Sports cars, for example, will have a high insurance premium than a compact car. While it may not be feasible to purchase a new car right now, this is something you should consider when you need to buy another vehicle.