3 Benefits About Union Membership

As a worker, you may have the chance to buy into the union membership. You don’t necessarily have to join the union, and maybe you’re on the fence about what exactly it does. Looking at all the paperwork may feel a little daunting, so it is understandable that there may be some confusion and uncertainty. Are there any real benefits in joining your local union? Take a peek at three times being a member of a union is beneficial.

1. Unions Help Regulate Pay Rates

One of the most significant benefits to joining a union is that officials have negotiated specific pay rates and standards that are uniform throughout a given industry. On average, union workers make 30 percent more than their non-union counterparts. For instance, a non-union worker at a car manufacturer may make $10 an hour while a union employee earns $13. Overtime wages are also set at a higher rate for union employees. You can check the standards set by unifor local 302 ontario if you are interested in more specific information.

2. Unions Help Enact and Police Workplace Conditions

While there are federal regulations that establish safety standards across the board, unions often take these a step further and have their safety standards and practices in place for its employees. Unions, in a word, may help protect you against conditions that are less desirable to work in.

3. Unions Make It Difficult To Get Fired Without Just Cause

One of the most significant selling points of a union is their collective bargaining agreements, set up to make it difficult to dismiss people for little or no reason. In this scenario, a company has to prove you are unproductive or causing issues with other employees if they dismiss you. There are set guidelines in place to protect workers from being laid off or fired.

Do some reading and make your own decision on whether joining a union is right for you. Choosing to be a member of a labor protection organization is a personal decision.