Tips For Maintaining Your Golf Cart

It is important to provide regular maintenance to your golf cart to keep it in good condition. Doing regular maintenance can help keep your cart running smooth and may save you more costly repairs in the future. There are many basic maintenance plans to follow when you own a golf cart. Some basic maintenance tips are listed below.

Battery Maintenance

If you own an electric golf cart, battery maintenance is a vital part of keeping it running. It can be very costly to fix or replace if it is not maintained properly. When you service a battery, always remember to remove any watches or rings you might be wearing. Any metal contact with a battery could be dangerous or even deadly. The electrolyte water levels in each battery cell needs to be checked on a regular basis. This makes sure that the lead plates in a battery remains submerged in water. If the water dries out, then the battery could end up being a fire hazard. Always be sure to use distilled water to refill.

Tire Maintenance

A commonly overlooked area of maintenance on your golf cart is the tires. The pressure in the tires should be checked regularly. A tire that is under inflated could cause the tire to wear unevenly or can shorten the life of your tire as well. Tires that are not maintained could even put some strain on the way the cart performs. If you need tires or other Yamaha golf cart parts, you should check online through dealers such as for great deals on all the parts you need to keep your golf cart running smoothly.

Brake Maintenance

The brakes on your golf cart should be checked and serviced at least once a year. This should involved checking, adjusting and cleaning the drums, pads, cables and pedal. Not keeping up with the breaks could be dangerous to the passengers riding in the cart. If you ever notice any squeaking or lack of pressure in the brake pedal, the breaks will need to be looked at right away.

Just like when owning a car, a golf cart needs to be kept up with and maintained on a regular basis. This will ensure it is kept running smooth and remains safe to drive for all passengers. If you do not know how to service your own golf cart, there are many local shops that can offer you annual maintenance plans to help you out.