This collage makes me misty eyed


I’m an emotional guy, and this collage makes me misty eyed. I saw my first P1 on the road in March 2014 in Geneva. That same evening, I saw the full red LaFerrari, which was much more exciting for me. That summer in Paris, I saw my first 918 Spyder on the road as well! I’m sure a lot of you also have fond memories of your first time spotting of the holy trinity of hypercars, do share in the comments ?


2 thoughts on “This collage makes me misty eyed

  1. Nathan

    I’ve seen all of them in 1 place at the same time, 4x 918, 1x p1, 2x laferrari and bonus 1x p1 gtr. Was at an event tho, not on open roads haha

  2. Liami

    First LaFerrari was on my birthday on the 26th of May last year at the Dorchester in London, it was Rosso Fuoco and owned famously by Paul Bailey! My first 918 was on the 1st of August in 2015 and was a metallic silver with the weissach package. I finally completed the holy trinity in Los Angeles on the 17th of August 2015 with Nasser Al-Thani’s incredible white and blue P1!

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