Things To Consider Before Selecting A Mechanic

Auto repairs are some of the most costly of all everyday facts of life. When an engine, transmission, or brake system fails completely, it can be hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Trust is one of the single most important things in the auto repair industry. If shops want customers to return, they have to practice certain procedures that show they are performing the repairs they say they will. There needs to be candidness when discussing prices and a willingness to turn over old parts after the new ones are installed.

Signs of a good auto repair shop

Any good auto repair shop Rolling Meadows IL residents should count on will have these specific qualities. First, the shop will be housed full of mostly certified technicians. This means they are ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence). Shops donning this certification have 75% of their mechanics certified in one or more systems of the car (Brakes, transmission, engine, etc). If you see this seal at a repair shop, you’re looking at a group of well-seasoned and trained mechanics. There will be a few mechanics here or there that are not yet certified, but the majority of them are either certified or preparing to be.

Second on your list of things to look for in these shops is good communication and estimates. They generally have a checklist of things they’re going to look at when they look your car over. Their estimate should be well-detailed and let you know exactly how much you’re paying for labor and parts. If the estimate list looks a little thin on details, that’s not a good thing.

Finally, good repair shops don’t just remove old parts from your car, they hand them over to you so that you know they’ve done the work they said they were going to do. If you’re dealing with a certified ASE shop, you’re not going to have to ask for the old part. They will happily hand it to you. They will also have clear pricing on all of their services and parts without any asking on the part of the customer. Good shops tend to show themselves right off the bat with clear communication, pricing menus, and certification postings throughout the shop. When you see all of these good signs, you’re making a good choice for your auto repair.