Stopping Safely

Red stops of the cars.

When your brakes begin to squeal or it’s difficult stopping your vehicle while you’re driving, you might need to let someone examine your brakes to determine what needs to be repaired. There are a few issues that could go wrong with your brakes, some that require more work than others and that could result in other repairs at the same time. One of the signs that something is wrong is if your brake light comes on in the vehicle. This light often comes on if the brake fluid is low or there is something wrong with the brake lines. It could also mean that it’s time to get your vehicle inspected depending on the kind of computer system on your vehicle.

Any time that you hear grinding, squealing, or other odd sounds when depressing the brake pedal, you should find a brake repair Gresham mechanic who can examine the pads and other components to determine what might be wrong. It’s important to get your brake pads and rotors checked on occasion to ensure that the pads aren’t worn to the point where there isn’t enough of the material left to stop the vehicle. Grinding could be something as minimal as gravel or dirt on the brake pads or on the caliper, but it could also be something that is indicative of a major issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Any time that there is wobbling or a vibration when you slow down, you might have a rotor that is uneven. The pad connects to the rotor when you slow down, and if the rotor is warped or uneven, then it can cause various motions in the vehicle when you try to slow down or stop. Another issue that should be addressed is leaking brake fluid. This often means that there is a line that needs to be repaired or that there is an issue with the fluid container.