Safety While Your Vehicle Is Towed

Sometimes, you might encounter issues with your vehicle while you’re on the road. Whether you’re in a car accident or there is something mechanical that goes wrong with your vehicle, you could need the assistance of a towing service. Although it might seem like an easy concept of hooking your vehicle to the back of a tow truck so that it reaches your home or a mechanic, there is often more behind a towing service Bethel Park PA companies offer.

If possible, ride with the tow driver so that your vehicle reaches the proper destination. You’ll also save yourself a bit of work in finding someone to pick you up on the side of the road and then following you to the drop-off point before going home. Make sure the tow truck is clearly marked and that the driver has the proper licenses to operate the truck. Examine the equipment that is used to ensure that it’s safe and secure for towing your vehicle. You don’t want to see your vehicle come unhitched from the tow truck and end up on the road. Give the keys to the tow driver so that the person can steer the car to get it onto the rollback or one of the other devices that can be used to tow your vehicle. Make sure you get all of your belongings out of the car so that they can be transferred to another vehicle.

When towing your vehicle, the driver should operate the truck at a safe speed so that your vehicle isn’t damaged. If you remain in the vehicle while it’s being towed, you need to ensure that the proper lights are on so that other drivers can see you. Sudden changes in direction should be avoided so that the vehicle on the back of the truck doesn’t swerve and cause the tow truck to lose control. Once you reach your destination, talk to the tow driver about the options that you have about leaving your vehicle in a secure location if it’s not at your home.