Review of Jaguar E type 1965

Review of Jaguar E type 1965

The automotive market of classic and vintage cars is extremely booming than ever. Few people see it as a valuable investment; many feel nostalgic about it, whereas some people tend to believe that classic cars allow them to create an impressive personal statement of who they are. However, no matter whatever is the reason behind the acquisition of a classic car, it simply gives way to a sense of pride, richness and luxury.

As there is a wide range of classic cars in the market, the fact cannot be denied that choosing to buy a classic car is not an easy task. One must gather complete knowledge about the history of these cars, as well as few useful tips on purchasing and maintaining them.

Today, we are going to review one of the best classic cars, which stand completely out from the crowd in all aspects – Jaguar E type 1965. You will be delighted to know that car has been addressed as one of the beautiful cars manufactured ever by “Enzo Ferrari”.

Jaguar E type

The very first sports car – Jaguar E type, when was driven to Switzerland for the Geneva Motor Show in the year 1961, the response it received was simply out of imagination.  The company was instantly flooded with orders as nothing else was available that could match the looks, styling, performance and pace at the price of a price tag of $3400 only. As expected, few upgrades followed and Jaguar E type was revealed in the year 1965. Let us now look at the detailed specifications of the vehicle –

Jaguar E type Body Work

Jaguar E type 1965 followed almost identical styling and body work of that of the original E type Jaguar which was launched in the year 1961. Its flowing long voluptuous envelope body was accentuated with upper flowy upper edges, and graceful swelled head lamps. Unlike the first 300 cars produced in the year 1961 which featured flat floors, and external latches on the bonnet, E type 1965 featured the twin latches provisioned inside the car cabin, improved seats, taller roof line, and dished out floors providing more leg space.

Jaguar E type Engine and Performance

Jaguar E type 1965 was given a 4.2 liter engine in place of 3.8 liter found in E type 1961 to achieve better torque and performance. However, the horsepower remained the same. The horsepower which the vehicle could achieve was a force of 256bhp at the rate of 5500 rpm. And as mentioned earlier, the torque of the vehicle was enhanced and it increased from 230 feet – pounds to 283 feet- pounds.

The vehicle was imparted 2+2 coupe, upgraded wheel base which were nine inches longer than the ones used previously, and optional automatic transmission. You will be pleased to know that the performance of the vehicle was simply amazing though quick acceleration and high top speed were not among the list of top priorities.

The company claimed that the vehicle could easily blast out from 0 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour within as little as 7.3 seconds. The fuel economy of the car was also quite efficient as it stood at 14.5 mpg. Other significant features of the vehicle which must be mentioned are completely synchronized four speed manual gear box and four wheel disc brakes.

Jaguar E type Price

Though the upgraded version of the two door medium sedan featured quite innovated features including enhance engine and performance, not a much of difference was reflected  in the price of the car. Jaguar E type 1965 was priced only $66 more than the 3.8 version which was priced at $3400.