Review Of Ferrari 246 Dino

Review Of Ferrari 246 Dino

The fact is completely undeniable that there is something very special and unique about old classic cars.  The utter dignity, the pure beauty and the bold power are simply unbeatable. You will be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of vintage cars. However, there are few cars that simply stand out from the rest, even when they are compared to the latest cars characterized by innovative features. Needless to be mentioned but such cars are quickly noticed and caressed by the owners. One of such cars is Ferrari 246 Dino.

Ferrari cars have always been popular since the advent of the company. However, no Ferrari car has captured such attention and fantasy of car owners as Ferrari 246 Dino. Launched in the year 1969, Ferrari 246 was a complete ecstasy from all aspects.  The layout of the engine, appearance, performance, sound, handling, and of course, the overall visibility made the vehicle as one of the cars which could be easily kept as a household’s only car.

Ferrari 246 Dino had evolved out of the primary Ferrari 206GT, which was launched in the Turin Show in the year 1967. 206GT was quite impressive as it was made to ride on the traditional chassis along with independent all round suspension and concentric dampers and springs. However, the feature of full leather seats, alloy body and alloy engine made the car wear an expensive price tag and only 152 car samples were sold. As a result, the company introduced a better version of the car – 246 Dino in the year 1967 following the theme of 206GT.

Ferrari 246 Dino

Here are the detailed specifications of Ferrari 246 Dino.

Ferrari 246 Dino Bodywork

Ferrari 246 Dino was unquestionably a much prettier car than the previously launched models and for this, all thanks goes to the aerodynamic bodywork made out of steel, which was adopted to make savings.  However, the overall styling of both the models was quite similar with the only difference being that 246 Dino featured pressed panels of steel in place of the alloy body featured by 206GT. Another difference which could be seen was in the inches of the wheelbase. 246 Dino featured a longer wheelbase of 2.1 inches or 53mm than the 92.1 wheelbase found in 206. The weight of the vehicle was 1080 kgs or 2380 pounds.

Ferrari 246 Dino Engine and Performance

The call for more power was replied by the introduction of standard 2.4 liter – 2418 cc, V6 powerful engine. In addition, the motor installed in 246 Dino was sixty five degree, four overhead campshaft, iron engine block along with alloy heads, and a compensation ratio of 9.0:1. The European motor embedded in the vehicle enabled it to achieve a maximum force of 195 bhp @7600 rpm and an amazing torque of 166 feet – pound @ 5500 rpm. The company claimed that the vehicle could blast from 0mph to 60mph in just about 6.8 seconds with the top speed being 146 miles per hour. However, in a test conducted after few years, it was revealed that the vehicle achieved the top of speed of 151 miles per hour and this report worked very much in favor of the vehicle. It must be mentioned that mileage of the vehicle was also efficient as it stood at 17 mpg.  Needless to be mentioned, but the excellent engine and amazing performance made the car a huge success and the company created a new sales record.

Ferrari 246 Dino Price

The price of Ferrari 246 Dino at the time of launching was kept as 5486 pounds. However, with the launch of newer models, the price tag also underwent a change.