Porsche in USSR

In difference from VW of air cooling, the vehicle of Porsche were even less available in the USSR.

Nevertheless some cars were bought by very famous people (actors, politicians), or they were given from the abroad (in the USSR then there was “Iron Curtain”).
Porsche appeared in the Soviet militia (police) somewhere in the late seventies. One Porsche 911 Targa car in a coloring of the Soviet militia was already presented on the next international exposure of the police equipment — most likely, it was ordered and purchased earlier, prior to an exhibition. Valery Vitalyevich Lukyanov was the chief of Head Department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR at that time and after the exhibition the car went to the division under control personally to it. Big chiefs in general loved good cars. Through some time the car was given to AZLK (where the Soviet Moskvich car was issued) for studying and was tested including on the auto testing ground us — with the dismantled indicators and other militia equipment.

Therefore modest delivery from two cars 911 Porsches for GAI was rather interesting event where these cars disappeared — nobody knows, but they not long traveled about on roads of Moscow.

By the way, Ferdinand Porsche was in the USSR and passed from the western borders even to Baikal. In the 1932nd year in the USSR by the invitation it visited the large plants of automotive industry in the USSR, and upon termination of a trip the government of the USSR offered it a post of the Chief designer at one of the plants, but Ferdinand Porsche refused and went back to Germany with the words “In the Country where There Are No Roads, I Will Not Be Able to Build the Cars”. Here so beautifully I refused to I. Stalin at that time.

Other cars with foreign numbers, it is foreign guests or participants of rally which passed through Moscow.
Modern photos of the 356th models known to me, naturally their owners have brought from Europe or the USA and restored.