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Audi Q7 S-line FULL REVIEW

With the competiveness of car manufacturers it is important for them to stay on top of their game and Audi are one of them. When you think of an Audi car, you think of the reliability and power that the car has. Audi as a company try and keep the consistency with all new Audi cars that they produce, this is what keeps customers happy and keep them buying Audi cars. Audi being the reliable company that they are have stringent safety checks for all their new cars. They will complete tests that some other companies will not do which gives the customer piece of mind. German cars are found to be stronger and with stand impact more then some other cars.

Thomas Majchrzak

Thomas Majchrzak

? You will find many style of Audi cars some sensible and some not so sensible. They are currently updating their catalogues with new cars to keep the interest of customers. Many existing customers will be attracted by the new models and rather buying a completely different car they will normally upgrade. With new sportier models such as the R8, Audi’s are no longer cars for business men but something that the motoring World will take interest in. With models such as the A4 and A3 the new designs will look like the older models but the drive will be more comfortable and the emissions on the car would have improved.

? New for 2015 is the Q7 spider convertible, it looks very similar to the original Q7 but has been designed with a new convertible roof. This is a good product for Audi as it will be competing with the likes of Mercedes and BMW with their convertible lines. The R8 is a great car for speed and control and has the benefit of having it in a convertible. It is a pretty pricey car at over a hundred thousand pounds. Desc Car Repairs Reading from The Car service Centre, we are experts in Car Repairs, Clutches, Cambelt Repairs including air conditioning at Great Rates.

All-new Audi Q7 S-line FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 V6 TFSI 333 hp neuer Q7