Important Tips for Classic Car Owners

There are some really important tips and points for classic owners which when they can adhere to will give you great dividends in seeing some more years to your car care. For instance, one of the very important tips would be ensuring a great car shade or place for shelter for you car. You should be able to take care of your car just like a pet, in order to ensure that it gives you years of services.


The levels of care should go even higher when it comes to classic cars. Get a favorite parking place that your car likes and not somewhere where the birds are attracted to mess it. You will have to spend extra time and hassle cleaning it that way. Car paints are susceptible to natural mini disasters like car paints, etc.

Bird poop or ka ka is highly acidic and can damage the paint. So it is required that you are careful to choose your parking place. They can even damage more in the process of removing than just by the dropping itself. Birds ingest a lot of gravel to digest their food which actually makes their excreta even harder to be wiped off, once it gets dry. Wiping out the ka ka in that instance can be better but that is not what all of us can do at any given time at all! So these mini disasters can pose to be quite expensive and challenging for the management of a car.

A fresh bottle of salt seltzer in your car can be your savior most of the time. You can trunk or boot any of your old classic cars through this way. The carbon dioxide in the solution will not harm the paint either. You can just take the lid off and rub some or spout it out if you are using a spray bottle.


You need to shake up the salt solution really well in order to get a blast of water on the fresh acid. This will in effect reduce a lot of the paint wrecking agents coming with the bird ka ka. However if you happen to be too late to catch the bird bombing then any good paint polish can be used to fix this damage.A bird bomb does not have to be catastrophic for your car if you know how to deal with it!