How to Create Something New Using RaHow to Create Something New Using Random Parts-ndom Parts

Car Music Project

If you find yourself in a creative mood, why not combine recycling with art? Need to clean out your garage? You can make something beautiful from something as surprising as diesel parts. Whether it is for function or fun, you can use a little imagination to turn trash into treasures.


Have you ever wondered what on earth to do with an extra drywall screw? How about making a marking gauge? Simply insert the screw into a level scrap of wood and use the edge of the screw to score wood to install casing on a doorway or to mark cuts for dovetails. Adjust the width by screwing or unscrewing the drywall screw.

Musical Instruments

The Car Music Project is an endeavor to use parts from a 1982 Honda to create musical instruments. 80% of the car parts were used to make 65 different instruments that, in turn, created an experimental musical symphony. The imperfections in the parts and instruments were leveraged as a part of the sound and showed off the artistic talents of the musicians that had to learn how to overcome or incorporate them.


Use the wheels of a bicycle to create a clever and unique lamp. Use several clustered together to make a larger chandelier. With some ingenuity and electrical knowledge, you can have one-of-a-kind lighting in your house that keeps those old parts out of the landfill.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

As you know, the blue light emitted from phones and computers can interrupt our circadian rhythms and keeping us from falling asleep. To minimize the effects, use old pill bottles to make blue light blocking glasses. After cleaning the amber plastic prescription bottles, cut out the bottoms and up one side to create a rectangle. Use a heat source such as a torch or blow dryer on high to flatten it out then use old sunglass lenses as a guide to cut new lenses that you can use the sunglass frames.