Some nice classic cars I checked out around Kamloops


Some nice classic cars I checked out around Kamloops and the sights on the way down to the U.S border a few days back. And a unique (?) truck we spied in traffic in Seattle.

Tnx Mike Brockhoff for great photo!

3 Tips to Restoring Your Classic’s Chrome Parts

Classic Car Restoration

Classic’s Chrome Parts

The car parts deteriorate along with the chromed ones. The chrome starts peeling off after a certain time and looks awful. When this happens these are to be replaced or re-chromed. After some years the new replacements may not be available at company outlets. The next choice remain is the old car parts market, where trim pieces could be difficult to find. The last option left is to get these classic parts re-chromed to restore near original finish. This requires some efforts too. Continue reading

Important Tips for Classic Car Owners

There are some really important tips and points for classic owners which when they can adhere to will give you great dividends in seeing some more years to your car care. For instance, one of the very important tips would be ensuring a great car shade or place for shelter for you car. You should be able to take care of your car just like a pet, in order to ensure that it gives you years of services.


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Buying a Classic Car

It pays to know some of the most important tips before buying your classic car. It would be one of the most pleasurable experiences if you know the rules of buying. Buying a classic car is thus quite a straightforward work if you are going in the right direction. Based on experiences of classic car owners, these cars do take a lot of care and can become a liability if not taken care of properly.There are also motoring laws and legal matters that are quite different from regular and contemporary cars that you get to own. However there are also different set of laws that one does need to look into in order to care for the loss or damage or even legal matters relating to your classic car’s needs. There are also proper insurance that takes to be especially within the vicinity of the needs of such a special car. It is thus really important to get into such a specialized and designed insurance that works for a classic car.


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Top 5 Affordable Classic Cars

Photo by Martien@Arnhem

Photo by Martien@Arnhem

We’ve heard it time and again – “Classic cars are just so expensive to buy and to maintain!” Many people consider them overpriced, not worth it – call it what you may, but you would be surprised to know that there are many affordable classic cars out there in the market. Yes, the economy is changing, so if you are a collector of classic cars or if you just like them – now is the time for you to skim through the online auctions and the classified sections in the newspapers to find some of your choice. This article too will give you some valuable information, in case you want to buy a classic car that’s not just affordable, but also easy to maintain.

Firstly, let’s define affordable classic cars – they should cost 10,000 dollars or less – they should be easy to maintain. You need a car that not only looks swanky, but also fits into your budget. The next time you see a Rolls Royce or a Pierce Arrow, you needn’t feel jealous and think, “When will I get one of those?” Like we said, if your hobby is classic car collecting, or if you simply want to pick up a classic car for no reason at all – this is the time to do so.

You would be pleased to know that there are many affordable classics out there – don’t go by the rarity restriction, instead, we suggest you look at the volume produced cars, those with unique features. We list the top 5 affordable classic cars for your benefit:

1. De Tomaso Pantera Road Racer – this car has a high 822 BHP and a 220 MPH, it’s highly powers, and a great investment to make. The speed is wonderful, and it’s a racing car as well. The acceleration is decent.

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