Classic 1960′s “Muscle Cars” – AMC AMX

Muscle Cars

AMC’s cut-down Javelin was an oddball, but it was the company’s best player in the muscle car era The AMC AMX of 1968 was a unique proposition. It was the only two-seater American sports car of the time.  Federal Workers Compensation Doctor in Houston

The AMC AMX Essentially a Cut Down Version of the Javelin Car:

Essentially a cut-down version of AMC’s Javelin the AMX (American Motors experimental), was a foot shorter than its sibling. Its proportions were rather odd, but the AMX was significantly lighter than the Javelin. Continue reading

Austin Seven Chummy

1928 Austin Seven Chummy

Successful launch

Amongst the Austin Seven models, Austin Seven ‘Chummy’ was a car that evoked immense demand in the automobile markets. This car came in the year 1924 and instantly became a popular family car. It was seen moving on the streets of big cities and small towns alike. The comfortable seating and efficient tyre shape made it a much preferred car as it could be easily manoeuvred even on dirt tracks and ploughed fields. Continue reading

Review of Jaguar E type 1965

Review of Jaguar E type 1965

The automotive market of classic and vintage cars is extremely booming than ever. Few people see it as a valuable investment; many feel nostalgic about it, whereas some people tend to believe that classic cars allow them to create an impressive personal statement of who they are. However, no matter whatever is the reason behind the acquisition of a classic car, it simply gives way to a sense of pride, richness and luxury.

As there is a wide range of classic cars in the market, the fact cannot be denied that choosing to buy a classic car is not an easy task. One must gather complete knowledge about the history of these cars, as well as few useful tips on purchasing and maintaining them.

Today, we are going to review one of the best classic cars, which stand completely out from the crowd in all aspects – Jaguar E type 1965. You will be delighted to know that car has been addressed as one of the beautiful cars manufactured ever by “Enzo Ferrari”. Continue reading

Review Of Ferrari 246 Dino

Review Of Ferrari 246 Dino

The fact is completely undeniable that there is something very special and unique about old classic cars.  The utter dignity, the pure beauty and the bold power are simply unbeatable. You will be pleased to know that there is a wide variety of vintage cars. However, there are few cars that simply stand out from the rest, even when they are compared to the latest cars characterized by innovative features. Needless to be mentioned but such cars are quickly noticed and caressed by the owners. One of such cars is Ferrari 246 Dino.

Ferrari cars have always been popular since the advent of the company. However, no Ferrari car has captured such attention and fantasy of car owners as Ferrari 246 Dino. Launched in the year 1969, Ferrari 246 was a complete ecstasy from all aspects.  The layout of the engine, appearance, performance, sound, handling, and of course, the overall visibility made the vehicle as one of the cars which could be easily kept as a household’s only car. Continue reading