Benefits of buying japanese used cars

japan used cars

It is every man’s dream to own a car but each one has different tastes and emotions but in most cases, each person desires to buy the most popular brand, most expensive with amazing technology and great looking. Some people can afford to purchase a brand new car from the showroom but majority opt for used cars which are cheaper.

The popularity of Japanese used cars is increasing daily. They are regarded as the most reliable and dependable cars on the road, in addition, they enjoy a higher resale value than their European and American counterpart. Japanese used cars, though a few years old, they shine as new ones and they can run on the road without any flaws. They are definitely a smart move by people with low budget but a high dream. Here are the benefits of buying Japanese used cars:

➤ High resale value

The resale value of Japanese used cars ( e.g. Nissan Skyline ) is relatively high, they do not depreciate as fast as European and American manufactured cars. This means that people who purchase either new or used Japanese cars enjoy better trade in values and they can ask for a higher price when selling it.

➤ Low mileage

This is the major advantage of buying Japanese used cars. Since japan is the leading country in the world where public transportation trains are highly advanced, popular and most convenient among commuters, the Japanese used cars have an extremely low mileage as they do not drive for long distances.

➤ Superb car condition

It is a requirement by the transport ministry in japan for all vehicles to be in good condition to run on the roads. The transport ministry frequently checks the road worthiness of all vehicles during a test known as shaken. A new car is given a full check-up after three years from the date of purchase and the second shaken test is given in two years

The well maintained japan roads is another reason why Japanese used cars are in superb condition

➤ Availability of spare parts

Japanese car brands are famous throughout the world. It is therefore quite easy to find a spare part of any Japanese used car. These parts are affordable and in case of unavailability, they can be imported easily from japan.

➤ Service history

99 per cent of Japanese used cars have a service history which enables you to determine if the vehicle is accident repaired or if it has other faults.

Most Japanese cars also have an oil change sticker under the bonnet which tell you when the next oil change is due and should be consistent with the export approval and auction report.

If a dealer fails to give you the service history documents, it is advisable to walk away.

However, even if a car has all the required documents, low mileage, service books and service history and it also looks great, every buyer should be keen to check if the car is susceptible to rust, if it has been involved in any accident and its ownership. You can hire a reputable vehicle inspection service to inspect the condition of the car for you.


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