A Temporary Traffic Control Plan

Traffic Control

A smart work zone is created by a Variable Speed Limit System (VSL) for necessary traffic deployment as a portion of a particular project’s temporary plan if the zone will create 10 minutes or more of added travel time for drivers and the estimate is that traffic will be slowed down below the posted speed limit.

The VSL System advises drivers of the optimum speed with which to approach a work zone and an appropriate speed that will allow traveling through the zone using minimal braking. That is meant to smooth the transition between the slower and faster moving traffic and provide an increase in roadway capacity through that work zone for the safety and efficiency of the workers. Automated integrations therefore help drivers to navigate around or through active work zones as rapidly and safely as can be made possible.

The System can also state alternative routes, lane merges, over height vehicle detection, trucks entering, temporary roadway hazards, variable speed limits, other warnings for the benefit of drivers, Traveler Information Radio, and more.

The current work zone has been made increasingly intelligent and automated and helps to lessen the inconvenience that roadway construction presents for drivers. Traveler Information Systems make use of collected data to help drivers receive the most accurate and immediate traffic information so that it can be determined what the fastest way is available around or through work zones. Embedded systems enable 24/7 communications and board monitoring through a web browser.

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