6 Things You Should Replace After Buying a Used Car

6 Things

While many dealerships do their best to make sure you have a quality automobile, it may be wise to replace certain things after driving the vehicle home. This will give you a peace of mind to know that certain things are new and ready for use. It may also improve the vehicles longevity by replacing things that may have seen a great deal of kilometers.


While the tires may look to be in usable condition, they may be hiding small flaws. Even tires that appear to have decent tread could be one pot-hole away from bursting. In some situations, small nails could be embedded into the rubber without deflating the tire right away. This is often the case in tires that demonstrate a very slow leak.


Automobiles have several filters that keep it running in ideal condition. Air, fuel and oil are some of the most common. This will not only help keep the automobile on the road longer, but it will also help you improve mileage by allowing the vehicle to operate without clogs.

Flushing the Engine Coolant

Coolant keeps the engine from getting too hot and warping vital internal components. Sometimes, various objects can travel throughout this system and cause havoc. Flushing it helps remove this debris and provides you with an optimum mixture before you start seriously driving the auto. It may also be a good idea to inspect the coolant hoses for any compromised areas when flushing the system. The slightest of leaks can lead to overheating and other failures.

Motor Oil

If the motor oil on the dipstick is anything but golden, you may want to consider replacing it. Not only does this help you ensure that the oil is new, but it gives you a precise moment for when you need to change it again in the future. Oil is a vital component to the engine and can cause severe problems if not regularly maintained.

Inspect the Battery

Most batteries will be marked with the date of sale or installation. If the battery is less than a year old, it may still be a good idea to check its water levels. A battery that doesn’t have enough water is not capable of holding a full charge. Many owners will go so far as to replace the battery entirely to eliminate many problems that could occur from aging units.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps the gears shift easily. Over time, this fluid can become less effective while accumulating small particulates of metal from the gears themselves. Having this changed regularly can keep your gears from locking up, which could cause irreparable damage to the transmission.

Many dealerships, such as Saxtons 4×4, may do their best to make sure that all vehicles operate as advertised. However, it may still be prudent to replace some of the things necessary to give it a longer lifespan. Although the vehicle may check out according to experts, you don’t know if the previous owner treated it like a derby racer – unless that is what you actually bought.