5 technological enhancements either already added to cars or in serious development

Technology improves by leaps and bounds seemingly every year, and that applies to cars as much as it does to phones and home computers. Each year, there are more and more enhancements and ideas to make cars easier to drive and safer on the road. Here are just a few of the technological enhancements either already added to cars or in serious development.

WiFi Hotspots

Having internet everywhere is the dream of business professionals, social media addicts, and families with especially energetic children. Now, some cars have the option of using the on-board hotspot. With a range that encompasses the entire car, every passenger gets access.

Robotic Parking System

Autonomous parking systems are meant to take the frustration and time-wasting quality out of looking for parking. In an autonomous parking garage, the driver would drop the car off at the entrance. The parking garage itself would act as a valet, delivering the car to the perfect position and bringing it back down later.

Car Summoning

This is a special trick created by Tesla where the car acts as it’s own valet on private property. A driver can summon their car to them. The car turns on, drives to their location, and waits for the driver to take over. Tesla plans to turn this into an all-purpose butler service with cars that can pick drivers up from events and airports.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have been in development for a while even though fully autonomous cars are not yet permitted on public roads. These cars use various metrics, lasers, and GPS to determine their surroundings and adjust accordingly. In the future, this is predicted to be the solution for elderly and disabled drivers. For now, the general populace is making do with self-braking and lane keep assistance.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

A number of automakers are working on V2V communication as a way to avoid vehicular accidents and long traffic waits. Cars are put onto the same frequency. In that way, cars can communicate their speed, direction, and other necessary metrics to other cars in their range. They can, for instance, warn an approaching car that they’re coming down the road fast and will collide with them if the situation continues.

These are just a few of the many small and big tweaks heading to vehicles today. One day, the driver might see biometric sensors as well. It’s being considered.