3 Places to Look for Your Next Used Car

No matter what, buying a new car is exciting. Well, maybe it’s not a “new” car, but it’s new to you. Whatever the circumstances of this purchase, cars are expensive for most people and most incomes. They’re things we don’t buy often. We plan to spend a lot of time driving around in them, so the actual purchase can be a thrilling and emotional experience. This is especially true if you find the right car for the right deal.

To do this, you’ve got to know where and how to look. We’ll examine three of the best ways to search for a car, as well as a few extra tips and tricks along the way.

  1. Dealerships. Car dealerships are ubiquitous, just about anywhere you live. Used car dealerships have a variety of makes and models, sometimes hundreds or thousands of cars in stock. You can just show up at one of these places and start looking around, but you’re more likely to find a deal if you know what you’re looking for, and if it’s in stock, before you arrive. If you have specific financing needs, make sure to include these in your search. A good example Google search might be “Buy Here Pay Here Columbus, OH” (if you’re look for instant financing on site, in Columbus Ohio). Used car dealerships often have very high standards for the cars they sell. These vehicles will have been inspected and repaired, so you know that when you drive it away, you likely have a very good specimen on hand.
  2. Family and Friends. Your family and friends are a great network when you start looking for a new car. If you aren’t very picky about the car you want, your relatives or close friends may be willing to offer you a deal when for a car they own. This isn’t pure charity either. Selling a car to someone you know is incredibly convenient. You don’t have to market the car, you don’t have to wait for the right buyer to appear. You can just sell it and be done. If you get a car from a friend or relative, you can also have the benefit of know the car’s history in detail, something you don’t always get from other sources.
  3. From Classifieds. Deals often are found in classified ads, whether in print or online. Classified sales usually happen when an individual wants to sell a car themselves, without the expense and bother of selling to or through a dealer. You can often get great deals this way, especially if you’re willing to look well beyond your local area. The harder you look, the more likely you will be to get an excellent price for exactly the vehicle you are looking for.

Buying a used car takes time and money. If you have a lot of the former and not so much of the latter, you’ll be able to search until you find the perfect car for you. FInding a great deal is hard work, but you can usually make it happen with the right effort and techniques.